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CleanWorkForce.com (CWF), a subsidiary of WPAS, Inc., is a third party administrator of online substance abuse programs.

CleanWorkForce was created by WPAS, Inc. in 2000, in response to feedback from clients who were seeking an efficient platform to deter substance abuse in the workplace.

Third party administration of a drug and alcohol testing program can significantly improve:

CleanWorkForce offers professionally managed drug and alcohol testing programs, immediate access to employee compliance status, and eliminates the administrative burdens associated with internal management.

Washington Construction Industry Substance Abuse Program

The 'WCISAP' is a comprehensive substance abuse testing program which was established to assist in providing safe and drug free working environments. The program was developed through the joint efforts of labor and management. It is administered by a third party who coordinates and maintains participant's testing records and compliance status.

Participating employers can quickly verify a participant's compliance status, expediting employment, while also increasing the employer's productivity and reducing unnecessary costs associated with repeated tests and pre-employment tests.

Both bargaining and non-bargaining administrative employees of union contractors may participate in the WCISAP.

The program is financed by employer contributions and includes:

Additional information can be found on the program's website at www.wcisap.com, including: